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    At risk of sounding rude, I think that it's pretty clear that no one on this forum is going to trade a relatively new Treo 650 for what you're offering. PLEASE just sell your stuff on eBay, or Brighthand or somewhere, and then go shop for a good deal on a Treo. In the two weeks that you've been BEGGING for someone to trade with you, you've probably missed a good deal or two on a used 650. Good luck in your sales.

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    after the first 2 days i knew noone was going to, i just wanted some ideas. and it doesnt have to be in good condition (even though its a new phone). im not a huge ebay person, thats why i dont want to do it.
    but whatever, noone can help... oh well. i know i have missed a good deal or 2, i just have to sell my stuff, and im not an ebayer to much.
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