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    I've tried it, and well, it didn't make my life any more effecient.. so now I whant to sell off everything.
    1 blue visor deluxe with cradle and leather case (that comes with it)... I installed the patch and so apparantly it does have the memory bug, but I've never had problems before or after the patch. also, it has a very light 1 inch scratch on it, I normally use write rights, and you cant see it with one on.. however the polish stuff didn't make it go away either.
    passwords and username (is it stored in rom of visor?) for following programs...

    clear USB cradle...

    go type keyboard for visor... I voided the warranty and loosened a sticker logo (but it isn't falling off or anything) to open it and see the insides.. but there is nothing wrong with it.

    10 write rights and packs of polishing stuff and the karma cloth...not counting the write right that is on the visor now
    I do not have those extra plastic parts (the clip on cover and expansion slot cap) they got lost a while ago. I bought the visor in mid june, and tried it for these few months (it whent to china did well)

    anyway, I'm selling all of it for 300

    please email me at if you whant
    theres always room for jello.
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    You might try http://www.ebay i bet it will sell for more than that

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