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    I see the Seidio Online Store is up to their same old tricks: Offering stuff on their website that isn't available yet and probably won't be for quite some time.

    Case in point: the G2100H Car Kit for Treo 650. It's in the website complete with a price and Add To Cart button but try to buy one and you'll end up at a page full of bold red apologies which are so confusing that you can't figure out whether they're out of stock or the website doesn't work. It took a call to their customer service department to find out that the G2100H isn't in stock yet, they have no idea when it will arrive, and the website doesn't work.

    They did the same thing with Treo 300 and 600 accessories. Some of those accessories never did become available which makes me wonder if waiting for the G2100H is even an option.

    Mutter mutter ...

    Anyone know of a like-and-kind device which is available?

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    I wouldnt buy anything that expensive from seido...the headset quality is terrible.
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    I ordered the over the ear headset and an FM transmitter from Seidio, with overnight shipping (I was anxious to get them!). After 2 days, I checked the website, and they hadn't shipped. I called to get an update, and they told me that the headset was backordered, and asked if I'd like a partial shipment. I told them I would. About a week later, I got an email from them stating that the headset was backordered, and to reply to the email if I'd like a partial shipment (???)... so, I replied that I would. 5 days later, I got a reply from them stating they would ship it out as soon as possible (remember, this was placed for overnight delivery). After a week (now 3 weeks after I ordered it), I called again. They told me that nothing had been shipped because the headset was backordered. However, they had just received them (and I quote) - 'Would you like us to process this order and ship it out to you?'... ummmm... let me think about that. After explaining to the nice customer service person that yes, it would be nice for them to process my order, she assured me that it would be shipped in a day or two. I'm a tolerant person, so this was acceptable to me. After another week (now 1 month from my original order), I received another email from them, informing me that the FM Transmitter was on backorder, and would I like a partial shipment? I replied with a summary of the events that had transpired and told them that I would like to cancel my entire order. I ordered a headset from BoxWave, an FM Transmitter from Belkin, and a car cradle (I was also interested in the G2100H, but they told me it was not available, and couldn't tell me when it would be) from ProClip... all of which I had in my possession within 2 days.

    Don't know if Seidio has a good product or not, but they certainly can't figure out how to distribute it - and they won't have to worry about distributing it to me.

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