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    Mint condition--out of box for less than a day. Includes perfectly-installed Pocket PC Techs anti-glare screen protector (stylus has never touched screen) and BoxWave frosted clear silicone skin case (belt clip type). This unit has not been registered so the buyer will have full-duration warranty.

    I'm disappointed to sell after waiting so long for the 650, but I don't have the time or inclination to deal with the care and feeding required to rely on the 650 for business. First to PM and arrange PayPal $615 USD takes it including USPS Priority Mail to CONUS with insurance and delivery confirmation (I have 24hr Post Office nearby so tracking info will be e-mailed immediately). Anyone interested in references PM me and I'll get permission to contact other TC'ers whom I've done business with.

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    Just decided to play with this again a bit and got the dreaded "halradio" error and another error related to "radio did not respond to open modem channel" so back to pa1mOne it goes. Sale temporarily suspended. If I get a good one, I'll reconsider selling vs. keeping it. These errors are too serious to deal with.

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    Update: I now have a verified good unit (got full retail boxed unit on exchange) and have decided to sell. It will include two silicone cases--the BoxWave belt clip type previously mentioned and the new JavoEdge. Both are frosted clear. Never registered so the buyer gets full warranty.

    If interested, please review entire thread and PM me. Available for immediate shipping.


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