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    baught an extra one for my father...cuz he uses a 600 for business uses
    and he decided that he would rather just wait until his company pays for official verizon one to come out

    so i have one for is brand new..never opened

    its perfect to be verizonized..or just activated on Sprint

    im looking for $500
    but email/pm me..and make me and offer
    im also looking to get rid of it by thats 1 week

    thanks guys
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    y don't u just return it 2 sprint 4 a full refund?
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    If it hasn't been opened, it can be returned at any time for a full refund from Sprint. Kind of makes you wonder why someone would be willing to "lose" money.
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    i agree with you guys
    but i didnt buy them from sprint directly

    i got them both off of Ebay
    from the same seller
    and i also had the ESN's checked from sprint..
    and they are valid

    i got both shipped to me for a grand..and im just looking to cut even

    i really dont mean to sound shady or anything
    but i just wanna sell em without having to deal with shipping it back to the ebayer..cuz that always becomes a mess
    and i know people here are looking for them
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