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    I have my 650 and have decided to keep it. Bought my 600 3 months ago for a christmas present to myself

    Anyone interested? It doesn't have a scratch on it, car charger and leather case included. It is currently locked to t-mobile...I can unlock it via patch or I can get the official unlock code from t-mo (been with them forever, several lines). Heck, I'll even throw in a 128 MB SD card.

    I paid 4 for it in December and don't want to get completely soaked but I understand there are some deals out there. If you live around Dallas/Ft Worth you can meet me to check it out before buying, otherwise we can work out shipping/payment.

    EDIT: UNLOCKED via T-Mo unlock code, not flash hack.
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    I would not like to be completly soaked either. I would only be able to afford 200 dollars + shipping. I can send certified through paypal. I would need it unlocked. Besides the start up screen are there any other T-mobile branded programs?

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    Do you still have the 600 for sale?

    Also, how are you liking the 650 on T-Mo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cletus323
    Do you still have the 600 for sale?

    Also, how are you liking the 650 on T-Mo?
    I do still have it. Haven't been trying that hard and no serious offers so far. I did just get the official unlock code from T-Mo in preparation for E-Bay, but that sounds like such a hassle!

    Because I'm in sales, I meet lots of people and they are generally impressed with my 650 so I think I will end up selling it to one of my business prospects on the side (after official company business is completed, of course

    T-Mo is great for calling plan minutes, but data just plain sucks. Feels like my old compuserve terminal account over a 2400 BPS modem. Messages with attachments are truly painful on the t-mo data network and it's faster to drive around reading street signs than to mapquest something.
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    I have been feeling your pain with my SK II. $40 for 1000 minutes is great and $20 for unlimited data isn't bad either.

    I assumed that Danger's servers (they are proxy servers that convert all the images and page layouts before sending it back to the SK) had at least some effect on the speed of loading pages though. The pages load slowly as well, but the main problem on the SK is the initial request takes forever before the page actually begins to load.

    T-Mobile is supposed to be rolling out EDGE though so maybe that will save us.

    Well I have my Sidekick up on ebay now (I posted another thread here asking about trades) to get funds for a 600, so if you are still interested in selling i'd give you what I make off of the Sidekick (probably $240-$260). Let me know if you are interested. I'm sure we could make a deal.
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    If you are local (DFW) I could see $280 for a face-to-face check out the unscratched, unlocked treo and pop your SIM in and make a few calls; I get paid without having to ship and worry about paypal. If I have to mess around with paypal and shipping insurance I think I can get $300 for it.

    BTW, knowing T-Mo - I bet EDGE never happens. They are the price leader for a reason. You might want to upgrade to the 3000 minute plan for just another $10. Can't beat that if you are a talker.

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