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    I've been a loyal Handspring/PalmOne customer for a few years, having purchased the Visor Prism, Zire 71, Tungsten W, Treo 600, and now Treo 650. Lately their customer support has been slipping and I'm not too impressed with their online store returns mechanism.

    I purchased an unbranded GSM Treo 650 from the US PalmOne online store on March 3rd. The unit shipped on March 7th, but due to some screw-ups by the Canadian courier, it did not arrive until the 11th.

    After charging the battery and doing initial set-up, I noticed that the camera lens had a dark blot (possibly a very small air bubble) in it, a defect that could not be removed via cleaning. I love the T650 but one with a defective camera, right out of the box, is a big letdown. It's not dead screen pixels -- just a dark blurry blot that sits in the same screen position no matter what you are photographing. It's absent from the screen in other applications, like Calendar.

    I called the PalmOne store to arrange for an RMA and was told I needed to speak to Canadian tech support. Canadian tech support told me I needed to return the unit to the PalmOne store where I purchased it. An e-mail to PalmOne customer support told me to do the same.

    I called the PalmOne store back and they directed me to the Online Returns Center, where I filled out an RMA request on the 14th and was assured via auto-responder that an RMA or other response would be generated within 48 hours. The Returns Center says not to return the unit without an RMA, otherwise they may refuse it, so I'm sitting here waiting for an RMA number that was due a few days ago. Normally I wouldn't be too worried, but when you can't RMA something over the phone, and the web return center doesn't get back to you within their publicly advertised response time, I get worried.

    It's now four days since the initial RMA request, ten days since initial shipping. PalmOne's return policy is good for 30 days elapsed after initial shipment so we are now 1/3rd of the way into the 30-day return period. I have yet to hear anything (beyond the auto-responder) from PalmOne's Online Returns department. Calling the PalmOne store yields the same old answer - visit the Online Returns Center and wait two days for an RMA.

    I am getting worried that PalmOne is simply going to ride out the 30-day return period and then refuse to replace or RMA my defective T650. At this point I'm considering geting VISA involved to have them get my money back, at least.
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    Same situation here, Chris. My experience with the Palmone store is even uglier and not even sure where to start to tell you about my fiasco. By the way, now my second phone won't pair up with my bluetooth headset where the last one did. God, I hope it's not another bad phone.

    My experience with those ppl at palmone has been very rude and confusing. I submitted my RMA on the 3/9 and as of today have yet to receive my RMA authoriztion and shipping label. I thought by dealing with the their palm store directly would be the best way to do it but as it turns out for it has been my worse experience ever.

    I may have to deal w/ amex as the last resort.
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    sklim1, I'm not sure if this information will be applicable to you, but I got some sort of satisfaction out of PalmOne.

    According to the PalmOne Store rep I talked to today, their US RMA system is incapable of auto-processing an RMA request for Canada. He told me he would mail me the RMA authorization via snail-mail and that the unit price would be credited back to me. I was also informed that the unit could not be replaced because the RMA system could not auto-rebill for a Canadian address.

    So in short -- I had to order another T650 today to replace the existing unit, in effect buying two T650s, until they get around to processing the credit for my defective one.

    I'm happier now that I have some resolution, but I wish someone in the RMA dept. had bothered to write back and say that they could not auto-process the RMA request. If I had not phoned, I would never receive an RMA number at all, and that's just plain shoddy work.

    sklim1, my recommendation is to do what I did and contact the PalmOne store directly via phone. Go through the voiceprompt hell until you get the option to inquire about an order already placed. Give them your order number and tell them you've already bought a unit, it's defective, you submitted an RMA request via the online return center, and it's now several days beyond the 48hr window and nobody has gotten back you. You'll have to sit on hold a while, when the guy goes to confer with his superiors, but you'll probably end up getting an RMA number (sooner or later) out of the deal.
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    Chris, that is part I didn't tell you about. Just like you they sent me a new phone and I was charged for the replacement phone and was told I would get a refund once I send mine back. They still have not sent me the RMA authorization and shipping label. It has been a week. I called them and they said this was sent out but I never did receive RMA info. Who knows, this may be related to the RMA problem they're having.

    I hate to say this but it ain't over for you yet.
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    Well, I hope it works out better in the end...

    The odd part for me -- a day or two after I spoke with the Online Store rep who said they couldn't generate an e-mail RMA for a Canadian address -- I got an e-mail from the online returns center saying they would be e-mailing an RMA and shipping label within 1-2 business days.

    I'll let you know if I actually get it. I'm hoping I don't get TWO RMAs, one e-mailed, one snail-mailed. Their customer service is tardy, but if they make good on these latest claims their stock will go up a few points in my books.
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    I got the RMA via courier today, so we're on the way to a refund for the defective unit.
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    I also await a snail mail RMA.

    Nice unit but they haven't fixed the volume and echoing of the phone. These issues are critical and should not be occurring on a very high end $1000 (Can) phone.
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    Getting a little closer to a refund, finally. RMA arrived via snail-mail just after Easter weekend, and the defective T650 was shipped back to PalmOne's depot here in Toronto. Didn't receive a refund when Toronto depot got it, since they decided to ship it back to the originating Lousville, KY depot.

    I called the PalmOne store, explained the whole sordid story, and they initiated a credit request for me -- meaning that in 3-4 business days I should see a credit for the purchase on my credit card balance. Since PalmOne has custody of the unit, there's no reason to delay payment until it reaches Louisville -- I wonder why they didn't credit it when Toronto received it.

    If all goes well I'll update the thread one last time, along with all of the steps I took. If anyone in Canada has to return one of these babies (unlocked GSM, purchased through US PalmOne store), it will be difficult to figure out all on your own.
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    Refund was credited back to my credit card today.

    If you are a Canadian customer purchasing a Treo 650 from the PalmOne store, and find that the unit is defective out-of-the-box, then I recommend the following course of action:

    1. Go to the Online Returns Center and fill out an RMA request as per their policy. This will not actually generate an RMA for a Canadian address, but you will have jumped through the proper hoop anyway. The PalmOne store guys will ask you to do it, but the website can't auto-process RMAs for Canadian addresses.

    2. Call the PalmOne store directly (select option 3, discuss order already placed). Inform the PalmOne rep that you have initiated an RMA request via the website but are aware that the Online Returns Center is unable to auto-process an RMA for a Canadian address. Ask them to snail-mail you a Purolator shipping label and RMA number. The shipping label with RMA will take about a week/week-and-a-half to arrive. The RMA number, by the way, is the number under the barcode at the bottom of your original PalmOne invoice.

    Do not ship a unit back to PalmOne without getting their RMA approval first!

    3. While on the phone sorting out the snail-mail RMA, you may wish to order a replacement phone. The RMA system cannot auto-rebill for a Canadian customer so you will not be sent a new phone automatically. You will have to return the defective one, get a refund, and order a brand new one. Why bother waiting, just order a new one, it will get to you long before your refund is finished processing anyway.

    4. Package the defective unit with original materials and ship back to PalmOne Toronto depot on Martingrove Rd. Retain the waybill number for tracking purposes.

    5. Once the unit has been received by the Toronto depot, contact the PalmOne store again and ask them nicely to initiate a credit request. Since the unit is now in PalmOne's custody, there's no reason not to credit your money back. If you don't request it, you will have to wait another week while the unit is shipped back to the originating U.S. depot (Lousville, KY).

    6. A lot of the PalmOne Store folks will be helpful and some extremely so. Always speak to the managers of the really helpful ones and commend them for a job well done. Customer service is a tough job and the good ones deserve to be recognized.
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    Was it a lot cheaper to get it from P1 in the states? Wouldn't it have been a lot easier if you got it from P1 in Canada?

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