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    I have a used sprint treo 600 for sale. just phone and sync cable for sale. The chager wont come with it because i just purchased a treo 650 from a member here and the charger wont come with it so i will need my charger. I have over $150 worth of games and applications downloaded onto the phone..pacman, lightwav, and pocket tunes delux etc. U can download and play ur fav mp3's and and assign them as ur ringtones with the last 2 mentioned applications. Also comes with the leather case and another holder for it. I accept paypal only. phone works perfectly and will be ready for activation upon approval. on screen there is a small orange dot but doesnt affect the phones performance at all. I will post pix later. Price is $275 OBO

    P.S. i am paypal verified..paypal address is
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $600$ $charger$ $is$ $not$ $compatale$ $with$ $the$ $650$...
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    thanks...n that case the charger will come with it
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    the pix....
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    Come on people....i have purchased things from this forum w/o a problem. I have 100% on Free next day shipping!!!!
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    price drop $250
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    Price drop.....$225
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    still available.....
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