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    I have decided to stick with my Nokia 6620 for now. I am selling as-new GSM unlocked 650 with silicone skin case (no beltclip version) and a Pocket PC Techs anti-glare WriteSHIELD installed. I played with it for one day and did a zero-out reset and put it back in the box. I'm spoiled by the very-loud Nokia and my older ears just have to strain a bit too much to hear the 650 (which could, of course, be fixed with firmware update).

    I did not register the unit, so the buyer will be eligible for the full-term warranty.

    First to PM and arrange $615 via PayPal (based upon the $599 original pa1mOne price, plus shipping charges) takes it, and that includes USPS Priority Mail shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation. This compares favorably with what's going on via ebay, and I don't feel like dealing with an auction. Besides, a TC'er ought to get it.

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    Sold. Thanks to those who responded.


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