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    This is the Itek GPS receiver and "Y" power cord that powers both the Receiver AND the treo 600. One connector powers all. This is the receiver and power cord that comes bundled with Mapopolis sold by Semson's.

    I have bought a Treo 650 and have a Bluetooth receiver on order.

    Itek receiver - $90.00 + "Y" power cord - 27.50 = $117.50 + shipping Semson's price as of 3/10/05

    Yours for $75.00 inc. shipping & Ins

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    Hi, I sent you an email and have not heard back so I thought I would try here Is the Mapopolis software you mention, is that Mapopolis navigator ver 2.2 that they sell for like 95 bucks? thanks
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    abacusnw, are you still selling this? I have sent you 2 emails and this is my second post??
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    abacusnw, well 3 strikes and out so i am guessing either you have sold this or you are no longer alive? I also have sent 3 emails, no replies so thanks for playin

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