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    I realize that the readers of this forum are probably not the best target audience for selling this device but thought I'd try here before heading to eBay with it.

    This phone is unlocked and in good condition with a few minor blemishes on the case. The phone has a new LCD panel (I managed to close a car door on it - don't ask) and all of the standard items that it ships with (docking cradle, wired headset, A/C Adapter, etc...). I believe I even have the original box.

    Asking $150.00 with USPS priority shipping included.

    PM or reply if interested.

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    I would like to buy this! Please email me at raitzer2002 At Yahoo dot com. Thanks!
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    Wow, I remember lusting for a P800 when it forst came out and was worth $700+!
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    check out...

    that is a forum totlaly about SE phones... and im sure u can get more than that there...
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    If anyone is interested, I have a Modded P800 (I switched the case to a black color) that I would sell. The P800 is an awesome phone, but I really needed a keyboard. Hence the Treo I just bought.

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