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    Best/Great Headset for (Treo 600)

    Seidio 2-in-1 Headset for Treo

    I paid $30 plus Shipping....

    I will Sell for $20...w/ SHIPPING! (Paypal)

    . High performance speakers ensures best sound quality
    . Adjust phone/MP3 volume with the in-line volume control
    . In-the-ear design of the earpieces brings comfort
    . A Clip is on the back of console
    . 2.5 mm gold plated L-shaped stereo plug
    . Light weight and trendy look

    Seidio's 2-in-1 Stereo Earbuds (Standard) is an incredible solution for listening to MP3s and talking on the phone with your Treo 600.

    In MP3 Mode
    MP3s comes out in stereo
    Phone ring will be played once a call comes in

    In Phone Mode
    Answer/hang up the phone call by pressing one-touch button

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    I'll buy, provided it's in good/great condition. Shall I Paypal you at the gmail address above?
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    I replied to your email...
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    Sold...Shipped (03/10/05)...

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