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    I'm offering my Treo 600 for $320 shipped (Two-day Air) to your US location. Items include all original packaging, software, hardware, and accessories (i.e., unopened ear bud, case, manual, software CD). I'm also including a “DoubleTalk” combo charger.

    The Treo600 is in very good condition except for a few scratches on the back. The phone has never been dropped and has been kept in a Covertec case since day one. Screen protectors have also been used since day one.

    The phone is problem free. This is my original Treo purchased 11 months ago. No replacements were made or required. I have the original dated receipt that matches the phone’s ESN number. I’ve not experienced any of the problems noted on this or the TreoCentral site. I have a pic showing the minutes used and amount of data transferred since I purchased the phone.

    My main interest in selling this phone is to help fund the purchase of a Treo 650. I signed a 2-year contract 11 months ago when I purchased this phone. I’m not eligible for any discounts at this time. The phone must sell before I can purchase a 650. If the phone sells, great, but I will continue to use it until then. If not, then I’ll wait till I’m eligible for the 18-month phone replacement discount.

    I can provide copies of the original receipt showing the purchase date, location, and me as the original owner.

    I will not be watching this thread on a daily basis. Please send me a PM or e-mail to the following address.

    aixguru AT tampabay DOT rr DOT com

    I would ask for payment to be made to my confirmed PayPal account or COD. I will ship to only “confirmed” PayPal mailing addresses.

    I can send additional pics if needed.
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    Price reduced, $285.

    (includes ground shipment to your verified PayPal address)

    E-mail will get you the quickest response.
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    Thanks, ccarley.
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    No problem aixguru ......Thanks
    Dealing with Aixguru was great .... #1 in my book
    The phone is in top notch condition... I still cant believe it was used !!!
    It is in excellent condition... along with all the accessories everything is in A+ condition
    Even the box!!!!
    When you are ready to sell the 650 let me know :-)
    Thank you it was great doing business with you

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