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    hi tc users,

    i was wondering if anyone that had a hbh-660 headset had a lanyard that they weren't using?

    i broke mine the other day.

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    Just curious, how the heck did you break a lanyard?
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    the plastic piece that connects to the earpiece snapped.
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    That's what happened to mine as well. Mine only has one of the plastic jaws left on there and calling SonyEriccson didnt help. They claimed they only warranty the earpiece itself and the charger, the rest of the items I had to buy, but they are not even available for purchase yet. What a crock of hooey!

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    eww that sucks.

    thanks for the info.
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    Mine broke too. Wadda ya want for 90 bucks anyway!
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    Ha! Mine broke too..same of the connectors!

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