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    I'm thinking of selling my like-new Palm One Treo 600 (Sprint). It is only 2 months old, very lightly used and in perfect condition. I have never experienced problems with this unit.

    Can someone advise how much they think I should ask for it on ebay or elsewhere and explain how I go about 'clearing it' of my current phone number so that I can take that number to my new phone? Is a hard reset sufficient?

    The unit is working perfectly, and I'm even going to throw in a 256 MB SanDisk memory card, a travel charger, and a beautiful new leather case. Obviously, I have all the elements that came with the original, including disk and manuals.

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated!

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    Checking Ebay to see what the going price for a used model is a start. Throwing in a good accessory or two sweetens the pot!

    Good luck

    P.S. U know you have a double post.
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    PM sent. I am interested

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