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    Has anyone else tried to order Visor accessories from Amazon recently? I placed an order for a Stowaway keyboard (and a couple of other things) after noticing a banner here that claimed Amazon had them in stock. Two days later, the shipping status still hasn't changed. Three of the items are listed as shipping soon or on hand, while the order is still waiting for the Stowaway to be able to ship. Rather frustrating considering that I actually paid for 2nd day air instead of taking advantage of the free shipping offer.
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    I've been sitting on my hands waiting for my visor and serial cradle from Amazon. I ordered on the 20th. The website said one of each was in stock, and "usually" ships in 24 hours. Then mysterious, cryptic things started showing up at the bottom of Amazon's page with my order - refund for the price of the visor. I probably won't figure these out till my credit card bill arrives.

    Needless to say, they shipped the visor at 3 pm on the 29th - it's supposedly in transit to my door as I sit here on the 1st.

    Now, the cradle..... It shipped three hours later and the UPS website only says Manifest Pickup received - been that way for three days now. For some reason, my cradle is in UPS heaven.

    On a different note, I ordered a case for the visor from them on the 25th and it showed up yesterday. So, here I sit with a lovely green nubuck case and nothing in it....

    I've never, never had any problems with Amazon before, and I order monthly from them, usually dvd's and books. I don't know if I plan to purchase more electronics... I always can get stuff for my visor at best buy or compusa, if I'm willng to drive...

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    I hate to rub it in, and I don't know what kind of promotion that Amazon was running, But.........I ordered my Visor on Handsprings web site on the 29th as well, and I just hotsynched for the 1st time. I love has worked great, and they had it here in time for the long weekend. I have not liked Amazon for a long time. They didn't have half the stuff I wanted to order in stock!! Good luck when you get your visor..

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