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    Unlocked Treo 600 (Cingular start-up screen; used w/T-Mo SIM) - bought from PalmOne when first available, never needed to be replaced

    256 MB SD card

    Pictures below.

    $225 + S/H -- Paypal only

    (Previously offered along with accessories, also pictured below. Accessories were sold separately.)
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    interested? contact me at angstreich at comcast dot net
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    Guess I outpriced the market.

    $350 + s/h (your choice of method, insurance, etc. I'm not going to mark it up)

    This is an unlocked GSM T600
    Vaja ivolution case & belt clip ($110 new)
    iTrek mouse GPS, including T600 charge/GPS cable ($110 new)

    All in good condition (bought a 650, otherwise I'd still be using it)

    plus two sets of sync / charge cables and a travel USB sync/charge

    plus a 256 MB SD card

    plus brand new vent mount (arkon)

    contact me here or at angstreich at comcast dot net
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    Everything sold.

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