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    Hey guys, I mught be able to score a deal on some high speed (60x, 10mb/s transfer speed) SD cards. The company that manufactures them is ATP, a lesser known company, but one known for quality and speed. Here is a review of them over at HoFo:

    I guess what I'm asking if this is something that I should pursue, and if you are interested, which size card. I have a feeling the most popular sizes will be the 512 Mb, 1Gb, 1.5Gb, & 2Gb. However, I left my price sheet in the car

    I've been in contact with the company and they have sent me some info on their stuff, and I have to say, they build some pretty good stuff. Their cards are waterproof (they show pictures of their cards in cokes and ice water and then using them) and use a single cell technology (did I remember that right? ), which decreases access times.

    Just let me know.
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    Shoot me a price on the 1GB SD card and I'll let you know if I'm interested. Am thinking about getting a tomtom and a card this size would be ideal.
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    I'd be interested in the prices of the cards sized 1 gig and up.
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    I'm interested in the 2Gb Card....
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    I would get 2 1GB cards if the price is right.
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    1 GB or 512 mb
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    I'd be interested in a 2gb
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    Sorry guys, I've been real sick ( As soon as I can breathe again I will update everyone on the prices/availability
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    I'd be interested in the 2gb.
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    Hope you feel better dude! I had the flu last weekend and am still hacking phlegm. Blech! Get healthy and, when you are, get us the prices
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    Awesome, I'd be interested in 1 gig and up. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Get well man.
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    I'd be interested in the 1.5 and 2. Hope you feel better!
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    Have a slow 512; considering a fast 1GB (well, would love a 2GB but I suspect the price isn't quite right yet). .avi files were nice and small at 160x120 for the T600, but at 320x240 for the T650 they are flat out too big for the 512 card, or take up too much of it.
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    I would be interested in a 2G.
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    1g or 2g for me!
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    i'm down for a 1g
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    Put me down for a 1g
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    ...and, on the off chance your source can also get Memory Stick Pro Duo's I'd be interested in a price on a 1GB MS PD for a PSP I have reserved...
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    2GB here
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