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    I want a different color or a T66 because this one just doesn't go with anything I wear but the design is ingenious. I've had it for about 2 weeks and even still, it's been in the velvet pouch much of that time. Still feels crisp and smells new. I paid $55.62 shipped. I'll sell for $45 shipped. Let me know ASAP, otherwise it's joining my other auctions on eBay in two days. I'll accept credit card or bank wire transfer via PayPal or money order.

    Email using TreoCentral. (click on UserCp for those that don't know). I'll check my account this evening and contact first come, first serve. SEE PIC ATTACHMENTS BELOW

    Oh I have an eBay moniker for those who question integrity (I don't blame you). I had 100% out of 20 until yesterday - a woman left me negative feedback because I payed within seconds after her auction ended, while she went on to keep the antique typewriter and my $$$! In return, I did receive retalitory negative feedback though. OH JOY!!! and go figure . K, thanks for letting me vent.
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    Sorry I just looked at them. They are too big and blurry. Try these.
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