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    hi guys/gals,

    i bought this case for my t650 but i decided to get a skin and now there's too much friction between the skin and the holster.

    if you search niteize in the forum some members found this to be a good case for our treos.

    i found it fit perfectly and had a good clip that will never fall off your belt.

    mine is brand new only used for a week. i don't have the packaging but i have the product card that came with it.

    i'm looking for $15.

    i also bought the larger case that was meant for a full-size PDA that i never opened. $15 also.

    these two cases have clips that hold the case and device up like a stand.
    i'll email pics on request.

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    email me a pic of the holster
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    what's your email addy?

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