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    I think this tread should start buyer/seller feedback. This will definitely help cut back on fraud. We will have something to reference users to...

    What you think?
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    bigredgpk is an excellent person to buy/sell from. I purchased an sd card from him and I just received it today. he also answers all questions and concerns you may have. A++++
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    I'm surprised at how little difficulty I've had buying online. I usually just go for best price (combination of price, shipping and / or tax) and have been very lucky.

    I've had positive experiences with the following sellers:

    TreoCentral Store (price portal) - From highly ranked sellers

    I avoid:
    Mobile Planet - their prices are terrible and inventory / stocking notfications are lacking. They might have improved, but I haven't bought from them in a long time.
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    Had a fantastic recent transaction with illustreous, he was a fantastic seller, accomodated my request of shipping immediately and overnight, got the the treo 600, great condition and still loving it, I can recommend him for any transaction without hesitation. He was also very accomodating with my many, many newb questions regarding the treo.
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    If you are interested in purchasing a T650 already Verizonized or need someone reliable to convert one that you already own, Illustreous is your guy!

    He is accountable, thorough, and a true pleasure to deal with! He went WELL out of his way to educate this New-B and went above an beyond to help me get Verizonized on the Treo 650.

    Trust me when I say that he's "the man!" I'd buy land in Florida from this guy!
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    rwman bought a treo 650 from him....arrived as promised and works flawlessly. Thanks

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