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    I have been a T- Mobile customer for years. I have a grandfathered 39.99
    1000 anytime minute plan. natiion wide

    you get about half that for 49.99 now i belive.

    I am switching to cingular because of a phone that is only there

    The T moble rep said that I could transfer my account at the same rate
    to any other person within 30 days.

    This could potentially save someone thousands of dollars over the long run.

    and they basically get treated like they had the plan all along.

    it only works for chicago 312 area code...but a great number...ends in 1230
    or perhaps they could port theirs? didnt ask...

    1) should I post it on a cell phone site or ebay and take the highest bidder? If not there where?

    if so what do you think i could get? I could use the $ to pay for the new phone.

    2) I also have a TREO 270 for sale that i used with the number with the sim and the unlock code, but I could sell that
    with the tmoible # or seperatly

    Interesting huh.....Constructive commments?

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    im on that same plan, free nights and weekends too right?

    tmo has tried to switch me off that plan many times....

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