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    I'm turning my home office into a nursery for our first baby (only four more weeks to go!!! ) and my wife is making me get rid of all my "junk"

    So here's my gadget firesale on e-bay, everything starts at $1.00. Feel free to e-mail or PM me w/ any questions.

    UNLOCKED Ericsson T68 (Bluetooth, IR, GPRS, SMS, etc.)
    Sony CLIÉ PEG-NX73V (Eurpoean) w/ Built-in BT
    Sony CLIÉ PEGA-MSB1 Bluetooth Memory Stick
    AmbiCon EZJack CompactFlash 56K Modem
    Socket CompactFlash 10/100 Ethernet Card
    Handspring Visor Prism Serial Charging/Docking Cradle
    Wireless IR Universal Keyboard PLUS Dual Case!
    Unused Palm m100 Leather Flip Case
    Unused Tapwave Zodiac Sport Case Deluxe (x2)
    Unused Tapwave Flip Cover
    Vadem Clio-1050
    Compaq Armada AC Power Adapters (x2)
    Palm V Wireless CDPD Modem (OmniSky)
    CrossPad Portable Digital Notepad
    Targus Stowaway Keyboard for Handspring Visor
    IBM WorkPad (same as Palm III)
    PalmIIIc Recharger Kit
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