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    Treo 600 owner looking for a BT solution that wont break the bank (I don't think it exists). If anyone has a dongle and headset that they're willing to part with for about $60, post the pieces here. Becaues the price isn't that high, I'm not too picky about the pieces, as long as they are reputable.
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    i have a jabra dongle and headset that's just sitting in my room.

    i'll email you some pics.

    i bought it for my dad for his birthday but he ended up not using it.
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    I just got the jabra A210 adapter for $20 and the Motorola HS820 for $40 (both including shipping). I haven't gotten them yet but they are supposed to pair up and work beautifully.
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    umcp, I'm interested. What model headset do you have? Gungho, where did you find the components at that price? I haven't been able to find a headset/adapter in that price range.
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    Still waiting to get my BT combo
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    Haven't heard from umcp, still looking for a dongle/headset if anyone's got one.
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    You can get them on ebay for pretty cheap. I would either recommend the scala 500 with the A210 adapter or the 810 or 820 Moto headset with the A210.
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    It's only been used a few times. It's just not for me. I've got the box and everything. You can email me at
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    Sent you an email the other day warpdrive. I'm interested. Get back to me when you get a chance. Thanks.

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