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    Got this on monday the 14th from P1. Paid $615 even. Decided to go a different route. Comes with everything it came with from P1.$580 shipped?
    Email me or pm me
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    If you are helping TC members and sell it, great .Otherwise go ebay it , i checked some being sold for 700 bucks.
    Or return it to P1 . They will give you 615 ..............
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    I wanted to give this great forum the first choice. Thank you for the headsup.
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    Has it been used at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenIntro
    Has it been used at all?
    For two days. Activated at Cingular on Friday, cancelled on Saturday.
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    You upped the price from $560 to $580?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenIntro
    You upped the price from $560 to $580?
    No, the offerers did.
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    So you set a price, people offered, and it's still not sold but the price has been hiked up? That's curious....
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    No, what's really curious is your interest in something you are really not...interested?
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    Who said I'm not interested?
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    Hello. I am interested. Is the unit Factory unlocked or did you unlock a cingular unit? What payment forms might you accept? Please Pm me.



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