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    I'm on the hold with palmone right now... I think i've been waiting for atleast 1 hour and 15 minutes so far. This is just ridiculous considering most of their support is outsourced and they can just hire more workers for the huge saturday jams.
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    I's abolutely ludicrous the way they keep people on hold. And I love the little message that comes on evey couple minutes saying " Your hold time will be greater than 5 minutes"....thanks for the specifics!

    I waited on hold 3 seperate times for between 35-40 minutes, and after that, the phone call just disconnected. I was furious.

    Making customers wait that long just pisses customers off more than we already are at this company....
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    i've had hold times in excess of 3 hours, so I am not surprised.
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    well i hung up after two tries... I got two "fake" rings to make me think I was connecting, but the connection to India must've gotten disconnected.
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    Probably just the CS rep hanging up on you on purpose. Happens all the time in sweatshop call centers.
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    I'm not sure if PalmOne still have their call center in India. The last time I called, it was, and I could not communicate with the person I connected to. If you have to wait 75 minutes to talk to someone they may have cut down on their staffing, possibly have a couple of reps answering phones in the US and keeping the rest of reduced staff in India.

    Wondeful outsourcing for you.
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    It didn't used to be this bad. I called the same number last month, and in times past and had wait times less than 12 minutes!!

    Last call I was on for 1hour and 15 minutes so I hung up! Today? 1hr 39 minutes and still on hold as I type!!

    Now, when was the change? I had no problems before my Treo 650 was delivered. I ordered February 3. I bet there is a flood because of GSM 650 deliveries...probably fielding dumb questions from other callers.

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    Ugh, just saw this thread, I posted one in General. I've tried twice. Been on hold 60 and 80 minutes respectively... gave up both times.
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    Well, so I got into them after 2hours and 30 minutes on hold. And you know what? She didn't help me! Clueless! The worst part?


    What the hell.

    I emailed them...its over 12 hours...hell more like 48 response. Odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chill2k66
    I'm on the hold with palmone right now... I think i've been waiting for atleast 1 hour and 15 minutes so far. This is just ridiculous considering most of their support is outsourced and they can just hire more workers for the huge saturday jams.
    I don't know what's happened to the concept of "customer service" in the USA, but it has definitely gone down the toilet..

    Go to and even try to find a tech support phone number.. what they don't tell you is you can call the order line at the top of almost every page and one of the voice mail tree from Hell choices on it is tech support..

    A $600.00 complicated piece of electronics, they give you 90 whopping days of free phone support which you can't even use because you sit on hold forever (or they leave you on hold on purpose just to discourage you from calling again).. and then after that, unless you pony up some serious coin, you have to pay $25.00 PER CALL to talk to someone on a device that has a one year warranty??.. Hello??.. What planet is this??..

    I would expect this kind of treatment from Micro$loth or one of the other monster companies.. then again, I bought a new HP/Compaq Presario laptop a few months ago, and every time I have called them for tech support or to ask some dumbass questions, the call was answered quickly.. yes, I ended up half the time speaking to someone in India who would call himself "Bob" or "Mike". And the other half of the time, you get someone in Vancouver, Washington who you can actually understand, by dialing the SAME phone number.. it's a total coin toss as to whether their system will route you to Rajeesh.. err.. "Bob".. or to someone in the USA.. you have no choice..

    But unlike palmOne, they DO answer the phone and get you to someone bearing a faint resemblance to a human being quickly, without leaving you on hold until you turn to dust..

    There's just no excuse for it..

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    HandHeld Computing Magazine..
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    Sorry it took me so long to come back to this thread, but I FOUND THE NUMBER for Corporate Escalations and it WORKS!!!! I had a new Treo in TWO DAYS! Wooo hoo!

    Here's the number for all you folks:

    407-531-4496 select option 2

    Good luck!
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    I'm freaking boiling from talking to those morons at India. Waited for a long arse time for someone to pickup. We came to a conclusion that phone is defective (no audio) and give me a number (palm store) to get it replaced. The freaking moron gave me a non toll-free number to routes back to tech support. Waited a long arse time again and they told me I gotta called the palm store again. Freaking morons. By the way, I had read them the case number 4 times before before they finally got it. They got major language barriers.

    Palm - you listening.?????!!!!! The india support sucks arse! If I have to call again - your phone is going back for good!

    If you could go thru corp as the other poster said, DO IT!!
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    I've used 2.5 weeks of my 30 day trial period trying to get a replacement for my Treo650(Cingular). Palm/offshore really bungled it. I asked for delivery to my business, they sent it to my home. When I finally was able to sign for it, I discovered an empty box with a mailing label. I packaged the device and gave it to a retailer friend with daily FedEx contact. They wouldn'g pick it up, I had to make a special call. It was in the Palm warehouse for eight days before I could get them to send me a replacement. Call times were unbelieveable. One day I called three times, on hold for an hour each time and then the phone disconnnected. Three times! I spent a whole Saturday morning and I finally got through. Cingular was not sympathetic, threatening to dishonor a return if it wasn't strictly in the 30 day period. I finally received the replacement and it seems to work, so far. The first one locked up all the time.

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