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    Hi, I have a $100 gift certificate for software from the Sprint / Handango site, but I don't need anything more than what I have. So I am making an offer:

    1) Choose from the 87 software titles on the Sprint / Handango site:

    2) Email me with the titles you want at

    3) I will email you the registered titles, and you will paypal me the software price at a 20% discount. For example, Agendus pro is usually $39.95, here you get it for $31.96.

    I have over 20 transactions on Ebay with a perfect record, please contact me if you'd like verification.


    [edit to remove email address -KR]
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    Are you friggin' kidding me??? You're actually going to charge people for free software? You got that gift cert for free, just like everyone else on this site, and you're actually trying to turn around and make money off of it?


    I have now officially seen everything.

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    People with GSM Treos aren't getting any free software offers, only Sprint users. This is aimed at people with GSM Treos, of course.
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    Wow. Just wow. The greed is strong in this thread.
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    In a user forum community where there's a long & profound history of folks bending over backwards to help one another, just for the sheer joy of it, ya just knew one of these miscreants had to crawl out from under a rock, sooner or later.

    BTW, I have a GSM Treo. May I suggest that you do the anatomically impossible with your certificate. Oh, and here's a jar of vaseline to assist in the endeavor.
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    Ban this azzhole
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    Really scummy thread.
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    How does this help the GSM owners? You are making them pay. Dummy.
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    Thread locked, I removed the email address.

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