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    I was just reading the "Fraud" sticky.

    Another forum that I frequent came up with a great idea to help with this.

    They only allow members to post on the marketplace after a minimum of 3 months of membership and 50 posts.

    Can the admin set that up here?
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    I don't really think this is necessary.
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    The marketplace here just like any site where you buy/sell to regular users are all at your own risk. I have conducted business in the marketplace 2-3 times and that was in my first month of joining and have had no ill effects. In contrast have been on eBay for the past 9 years and been burned maybe 4-5 times. Its all a risk, you just have to weigh it on how much you want the item. If you dont want to take the risk, you will find another avenue for which to buy products.

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    i agree with techprincesse, cuz i only have two posts and ive been a member for a month but i did two purchases here.

    but as a better suggestion i would add a "User Feedback" sticky
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    si, i joined and on my first day/first post, i did business with a guy in the same state as me on the market place forum.

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