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    Palmone sent me this phone a week ago, since my old one had dead pixels, since then it has been slightly used, I have a couple of apps on it, which I can throw in with the deal. It comes with everything that comes in the retail box. manual/charger/usb cable/etc. I have a car charger too, which i'll throw in (if i find it). the headset, i am not sure where it is, but I can throw that in too if I find it(never used it.) I am open to offers/trades, please let me know.

    Reason for selling: upgrading to Treo 650 (if anyone wants to trade Treo 650+cash for my Treo 600, let me know.)

    Please PM me with all offers, I don't use Paypal, but I do accept Money Orders. Thanks.

    (pics upon request.)
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    How about a price? It's always best just to be straightforward. I'm looking for a Treo 600, but would like to see how much you "really" want to get for it.

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