Just a small voice out the many no doubt but its my opinion and i feel obligated to share it to warn others.

I wanted a headset adaptor for my T600, simple huh.

nope heres what happened leaving me stressed out and very unhappy

Firstly they send me the wrong part, the headset not the headset adaptor.
Secondly, they ignore my email telling them they send me the wrong part.
thirdly, on inspeciton its a piece of rubbish anyway with the build quality of a mouldy sprout, worth 4-5ukp max not the 20+ ukp i had to pay.
fourth, the said mouldy sprout item broke within a few weeks of nothing more than light use (as expected).

So i emailed them for an RMA returns for faulty goods under warranty, including the part no. of the item recieved and the item I had ordered, commenting that I had already alerted them but with no response that i had been supplied the wrogn unit.. commented the problem was "Faulty connection somewhere, unit no longer functions reliably as headset for phone. microphone intermittant." Which frankly i thought rather self explanitory.. but no.. after over 3 days of waiting i finally hear back and they are more interested in why i have a different part to that which i ordered than fixxing it for me, and also dont "understand" what the malfunction wtih the unit is and want a more detailed explanation.

So i replied, giving them more details as requested.. and never heard back.
So i replied again, giving all details again. no reply
so i sent a new request.. no reply..

To this date.. no reply.. origional returns RMA request made on the 12th december 2004

So thankyou Seido for ripping me off by charging crazy prices for "christmas cracker" quality products, sending me the wrong item and having no interest what so ever to honour any form of warranty or show any form of customer service what so ever.