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    I ordered a case from pacific on Feb 1. They sent me a email saying it is on Back Order untill the end of Feb. I found a case on treocentral that I liked more, and it was in stock so I ordered it. After ordering the case from tc I then emailed pacific to cancel my order, and they sent me a reply that they did cancel it. Yesterdy morning I checked my credit card online and pacific charged my credit card on Feb 2, even though they said it was back ordered till the end of Feb. Can they do this? Charge before shipment, or better yet charge before they even have them in stock? I sent them 3 emails so far and they haven't responded yet. errr
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    Yes, they can charge before shipment. It's completely legal. What you need to do now is write (NOT call) your credit card company explaining that the item they charged you for was backordered, that you cancelled the order, and you would like the card company to remove the charge from your account.

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    something similar happened to me. they actually didn't cancel my order until one week after. it was a bit unprofessional. but just call them. the guy is pretty nice. they just lag a bit too much and seem a little unorganized to me.

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