PHONE DETAILS: VZW Treo 600 w/camera
Price(USD): $450 shipped
Color: silver
Included: box, manuals, cds, usb sync cable, AC charger, slip case, earbud handsfree, $60 nutshell case, some full-version software (pockettunes MP3 player! etc.)
Unlocked: not sure
Used/Tested Networks: Verizon Wireless
LifeTimer: 28min?
Condition: Like-new

Location:Albany, NY
Shipping: free, included
Payment: non-cc paypa/money orders
Contact:email me at brianhung7 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Hi all, I'm a new member here, but not new to trading online. I trade lots of phones at the howardforums (userid is hellfire88 there as well) and PC parts/phones/gadgets at the forums. I have feedback under hellfire88 at and under rpiman on ebay. In any event, I hope the above feedback can establish my credibility.

This is a like-new VZW Treo 600 w/camera that I bought, used for 2days, then put it back in the box since I realized that i don't really need such a powerful device. I bought a $60 nutshell holster case online at that I will include, and this comes with some software (namely, full version of pockettunes MP3 player!). The original plastic screen protector was left on the phone, so everything seems brand new. Emal me with all offers, thanks!