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    Even though the pricetag of the unlocked 650 increased by $100, it's still at the very top of my wish list.
    Problem is, I'm at the other side of the Atlantic ocean...
    I can probably have it shipped here, but it will cost me big bucks in shipping costs and import taxes.
    So my cry for help goes out to fellow TC'ers, could anyone help me out with receiving (I hope I will be able to buy and pay for the 650 using my Norwegian credit card) and sending it to me as "a gift"?
    I really hope so!

    PS. Based on the warning on scams on TC, I was hoping that some of the "regulars" with a history of postings etc. could be willing to help out a desperate soul (me!).

    And if anyone needs something sent from Norway, let me know!

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    ill help ya out just pm me

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