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    I just found my Sprint Treo 300 while looking for something else I have the box and everything that came with it. It's in really good shape (one very small scratch on the bottom). It includes OEM car cord, USB charging cradle, two fold-flat travel chargers, and the belt holster. I'll sell it all for $85 plus shipping ($90 if using CC via PayPal). Please note the blurred image in the second screenshot is caused by the rotation of the animated treo image on the initial setup screen.

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    Well, there's just a ton of interest in this one So I'm dropping the price to $75 ($80 via PayPal if using CC). Somebody take it off my hands--help me reduce the clutter around here.

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    What version of palm os does that thing use and where can I get some more info as far as options it have and included software. The reason I ask is I carry a palm and a cell phone and want to combind the two. 599.99 is a very high price tag to try something you may not like. Would the t300 be a step down from my Tungsten E? You might possiblely have a taker here.
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    What version of palm os does that thing use?
    Version 3.5 Palm OS

    Would the t300 be a step down from my Tungsten E?[/
    Yes that would be a HUGE step down

    Had the Treo 300 for almost 2 years. Loved it alot until the Treo 600 came out.

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