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    wow my own bashing topic i love it to bad you people don't know i havn't taken crap from anyone just a jealous wife mad cause she knows she stuck with the guy she cheated on me with by the way quit trying to make my life a living h3ll sheesh tell me to quit talking to you then when i do you start all this bs quit already it will make both our lives better
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    WOW! kicked some major ***! I always use my Amex for Paypal, Amex is good at getting your money back if crap happens. Anyone who mose around on fatwallet knows amex is your best friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scottydon't
    I have been defrauded on Ebay twice for $500 each time. Both times I paid out of my Paypal balance wihich leaves you virtually no recourse. Anytime I accumulate any kind of a balance in Paypal I transfer it into my checking account. The result is that all major purchases are made with the credit card not the Paypal balance. If I don't receive an item, I dispute it with my credit card company and I am done with it.

    Now, my two defrauded stories:

    1) I bought an LCD projector from a guy who skipped town and never shipped my item. I researched him on the old Internet and found out he had a yacht he rented services out on in the Bahamas. I found out what marina he moored at and got a hold of the bartender at the marina. The bartender new who he was and was pissed at the guy for skating on me. He rufused to refer him any charter business or sell him any booze. I got my money two weeks later.

    2) A guy in Maryland defrauded me on a $500 table saw. I tracked him down through public records on the Internet, talked to his ex-wife who gave me his contact info. On the phone, he promised to refund me and never did. I contacted 15 of his recent purchasers who were also defrauded and contacted the States Attorney in the county were he lived. He was arrested and prosectued!

    The moral of the story is common sense prevails on Ebay...and in my case you can run but you can't hide, DON'T SCREW ME ON EBAY CUZ I WILL GO ANTHONY SOPRANO ON YOUR ***!
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    Why don't the two of you just get a room and get it over with?

    Mods, how 'bout removing this thread, it's basically just a flame-fest between two people and I doubt it's actually helping anyone.
    I'm back!
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