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    Someone in this forum once said that it won't be long till thre free sites start offering free Treo 650.
    This site just started.
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    great...i doubt this thread will last long
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    well free stuff is always nice
    [ T650 | SPCS | DC ] FREE - Palm | Computer | PVP | iPod | PreModed XBOX | GEAR
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    WOW! 25 referrals to get a 650... I have a hard enough time trying to get 5 for the free iPod deal! Good luck to anyone who can get it...

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    You can all go with the online opinion group, follow them like sheep and subscribe to hundreds of magazines and CD clubs, and you may get a free T650

    This sheep got out after the first two clicks
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    in their terms and conditions they have the following statement will take measures to ensure that the user receives payments and rewards within a reasonable amount of time. However, can only do so when the advertisers pay.
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    the latest Internet scourge - FREE sites and people signing up to every message board on the planet that has anything remotely to do with the free stuff they need to recruit people for - throw the link in your signature and repeat

    I guess this is working for a few people?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmccarter
    I second that! Heinlein worked out the truth about that decades ago.

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