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    Hi folks,

    I recently purchased a silicone skin carbon colored case for my wifes Treo 650. However, I'm a guy and so, of course, I got it wrong! She wants a frosted white case. So I'm selling the carbon case, unused other than when I slipped it on my wifes phone while trying to convince her that she really wants the carbon one.

    I think this case looks VERY sharp and I think I'm in the majority because the carbon case is almost always out of stock in the Treo Central Store - as it is right now!

    Anyway, I'm happy to sell this case for the $20 I paid and I'll cover the shipping costs which will save the buyer at least $5. I'll take PayPal payments and ship the case out immediately.

    Drop me an email if you're interested -

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    What more is there to say?


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