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    Have 2 extra cases one new in box, 2nd used 2 days(wrong color)

    Paid $120 each looking for offers
    (via paypal)

    I-VOLUTION ----- Custom I-Volution T6 for Treo )
    - Super slim design
    - Sync with travel cable
    - Headphone & Headset jack access
    - Camera access
    - Access to Power button & Volume keys
    - Stainless mesh speaker protector
    - Easy access to all commands
    - SD/Power/Beam information access
    - Choose the backside
    - Choose the personalization
    -- Fits: Handspring Treo 600
    - Size: 4 - 4/8" x 2 - 5/8" x 1 - 1/8" inch.
    Price US$ 104,90
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    $10 to ship?! lol....can throw it in a free USPS Priority Mail box for $3.85! lol....

    don't jack people on's wrong....
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    Open intro: Boy are you fast to assume, seeing I am in a wheelchair and don't drive I don't live near a post office to ship postal service but live next to a UPS shipping store.

    So again before you assume check your facts.

    Besides everything in negotiable..
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    Honda makes wheelchairs???

    The Postal Service will pick up any package if you use the ClikNShip service on the web. Print a label and put postage on there and the mailman will pick it up.
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    Wow very cool,n and no I use to work for Honda Racing (supercross division )

    But now work for Team Suzuki...

    thank you for the tip!

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