I am selling a mint Treo 600! The reason that I am selling the unit is because I had work done on anther one of my Treo's and the mail man left the package on my door with my repaired Treo after it was fixed on my doorstep. Well needless to say this was a bad idea and the unit got stolen, so I thought. Well to make a long story short PalmOne sent me a new Treo in a matter or days (Excellent Customer Service by the way) and then a few weeks later I got the original unit because the delivery man sent the fixed unit to the wrong address. So.... I am selling the unit that Palm sent to me. This is an unbranded GSM unit that is not carrier specific as long as it is a GSM carrier. The unit was sent to me by Palm and does not have a box. I have though printed the manual from the internet and burned a CD with the Palm Install software. This unit has NEVER BEEN USED and does not have a single scratch or blemish. It will come with home charger and also a car charger. I am accepting all reasonable offers over $350 so please contact me at: Marco@Lfrcommunications.com Thanks