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    Hey, I am usually incredibly hard on companies that don't come through on time or as now I just want to mention how happy I was with my recent experience with

    I bought their Treo 650 powered serial cable (after a quick exchange of inquiring e-mails) and got it on time and as promised...

    Then I ran into trouble using it as intended (with my digitraveler GPS, because I couldn't get my homebrew gps cable to work right). So I exchanged a couple of more e-mails with their support, which led to a followup phone call from them on a Saturday to try and help, followed by their offer to still sell me their Digitraveler cable at a "combo price" EVEN though I had been trying to avoiding buying it...

    I gave in and the additional cable was in the mail that Monday. I spent this last weekend playing around with my now WORKING digitraveler GPS on my Treo 650 and was thrilled.

    I thank for their incredible customer service, and their absolutely working cables.
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    hi, saw your post..I have had luck with pc cables before.
    just a quick question...what cable did you buy for the digitraveler and the 650 and then what software are you using?
    was it as simple as buying the powered seriel and then hooking it into the seriel connector on the radioshack digitraveler?
    thanks in advance

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