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    Hey all,

    Well, Ive made the switch and have gone to the other side. At this point the 650 doesnt work as well as my new ppc6601.

    So now that Ive figured that out, Im ready to sell my five month old 600. This is the Sprint version and was purchased at bestbuy along with a 3 year replacement plan. Also included is the cradle, an awesome case, everything that comes with the original box, a treo hints and tip book, extra travel charger....

    I have well over $600 and again this is less than five months old. The treo itself is perfect without a single scratch or mark. Also, the 3 year protection plan is transferable. that being said, I am asking $400 which includes shipping via UPS insured within the continental US. I will also email you the tracking number the day it is sent. please check out my ebay feedback at rcuenca213 and i am considering all offers, send to
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    pablo, thanks for not being a jerk about posting in the wrong section. when i searched i was looking for "swap and sell" or "classifieds" and completely missed the correct forum. I will repost in the correct forum, can the moderators move or delete this post please? thank you
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    last minute offer before i take it to ebay, all the same details, for $50 less. I am willing to go $350 for this perfect treo 600, including 2.6 years extended warranty, and over $175 worth of accessories. shipping is also included via UPS within the US. Thank you
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    This is a 600 or a 650?
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    this is a treo 600, purchased 8-5-04 with a three year extended warranty/protection plan from bestbuy and includes over $175 in accessories. Thank you
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    ok all, this is going to be the best deal going on this board, because i dont want to deal with ebay. im willing to go $325 plus $14 for shipping. this is a treo 600 that is about 5 months old, used very lightly in perfect condition.

    have over $175 in accessories and a best buy extended warranty/protection plan that has 2.6 years left on it. please email robcuenca at hotmail dot com with any questions. this will be on ebay sunday. thanks

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