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    This is my first post to the board after I just received my first treo 600, and I just felt like I had to tell somebody. I ordered this great treo from thinking I was just going to be receiving the $75.00 mail-in rebate, but when I started going through my paperwork a little more I noticed a $150.00 equipment discount rebate.

    Which will bring the total cost of my treo after my mail-in rebates to $75.00. I'll also have to give a word of caution to anyone else wanting to take advantage of this deal. You have to wait for 6 months to receive your money, and the deal ends January 31, 2005. The link to the deal is below, and I hope to have great conversations with everyone about my new treo. Thanks.
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    do you have any more details on that deal?

    i can't seem to find any info regarding the $150 rebate you mentioned.

    thanks very much!
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    Here's my documentation that I received.
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    Great, thanks treo_hero.

    Sounds like Buy is doing the $75, and then you're getting $150 for signing up with Cingular, right?

    If the phone was really that cheap, and the $150 didn't depend on the service agreement, i was considering buying the 600 and moving from Verizon to Cingular with the 600 until the 650 was released and was working well.

    Sounds like I might screw myself out of a service discount on the 650 if I went ahead with the 600. Do you read it the same way?

    Thanks again.
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    msnyder, I would definitely go with the 600 and I'm glad I did because of all the complaints I've been hearing about the 650. Also if you have the patience to wait for your $225.00 discount, then I would say go with the 600.

    Good Luck.
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    I called and they said that the $150 discount has already been included in the price of the phone. They said there will be no additional discount or rebate. I suppose if you read the verb tense closely, it says that "An equipment purchase discount of $150 has been provided to the customer..." In other words, the $150 has already been applied to get down to the $299.99 price.

    Do you guys read it differently?

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