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    This case was used one time. Has cut outs for SD cards, camera. credit cards. Very nice.
    $21.95 shipping included


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    Is it the KRUSELL 94178 Verticalic Premium S-Wide?

    Does the flip close by using a magnet, velcro, or snap?
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    here is the site. It has a clip
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    opps meant to say it snaps
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    $15.00 shipped
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    Fits Treo 600 only, correct?
    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    $15.00 shipped
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    it will fit a 650. but, if you need all the cutouts in the right place then No, it doesn't.
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    That case is on its way to me in the mail, but since I returned my T650 I'll offer the Krussel case for sale for less than market price.

    I don't know how to eBay as a seller, but We'll see. I sold lots of goodies on Amazon marketplace.

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