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    I'm doing some shopping for a T650 and want to get a good deal. Here's my situation. I currently have a Sprint contract ($35 - 300 min Fair and Flexible). I've found good deals on the TreoCentral Website ($319 after $150 credit for new line 2 yr contract + $100 mail in rebate) as well as a couple sellers on E-Bay, but the first one I contacted said that he won't honor the extra $100 mail in rebate if I want to use the phone as a 2nd line on my existing account and I imagine TreoCentral will say the same (I'll call them tonight and find out).

    Sooo... I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where/how to get a T650 less than $400 without getting a totally new line of service. I wouldn't mind upgrading my current account to one that allows a 2nd line to share minutes ($40 500 minutes, or $70 800 minutes Fair and Flexible) but don't want to do that and then have to pay $100 more for the phone. Is it possible to sign up a new line of service and then later merge the two accounts into one with shared minutes?

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, I did some digging myself and called Sprint to verify. It seems (according the the CS agent I spoke to) that I can consolidate two separate Sprint cell phone accounts into one family shared minutes account without incurring a cancellation fee for either. As long as both phones remain active Sprint devices, there is no cancellation penalty.

    So it seems the least expensive way to get a T650 (if you already have a Sprint account) would be to purchase one from TreoCentral for $319 (after rebates) along with a new account, then consolidate both accounts into one family plan. This of course doesn't help if you don't have someone else in your family who can use the other phone, but it should help some of us (including myself).

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