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    I have seen an unlocked Treo 600 on e-bay for $299.99

    The question I have....would anyone here buy one from looks as if it is a wireless wholesaler.

    Looking to upgrade Mom from a 270 and neither one of us is going to part with the $ for the 650 right we use T-Mobile.

    Looking for opinions please.
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    I think that E-bay combined with PayPal presents one of the better options for those of us looking for a bargain deal on a treo. In view of the money-back guarantees etc. I can say that I plan to buy my GSM treo through E-bay. However, as always, it is best to approach all sellers (whether commercial or otherwise) with the utmost scrutiny.

    I believe the $299.99 deal is for treo 600 with new account activation on T-Mobile? I'm not sure whether you have a present plan/acct with T-mobile, but I think you will need to get (a new) one in order to buy at this price.

    One more thing, some of these sellers (even the commercial ones) sell just the phone and charger, with no documentation, CDs, etc. You would do good to read and reread the fine print. Something about this just gives me the creeps. Although Palm has dropped the price of their unlocked GSM 600 to $475, it is still too high for me to consider going that route although it seems the safest.

    Ever considered getting a 'like new' second-hand unit from someone at the forum who has a carefully used one or a gift from changing to another provider? Unfortunately since the 650 GSM model has not come out, the ratio of GSM 600s to CDMA 600s being sold here at TC are low. You might consider waiting for the release but God knows when that might be?!?!?!
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    I agree with the previous poster-do the research (check feedback items) and ask questions of the seller regarding your existing svc. I bought my T600 on eBay back in August and it cost me only $350 new in box so this might not be farfetched.
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    The key to feedback is whether it is based on comparably priced items....a seller can have 100% feedback selling pencils for .99 cents but I would not assume them to be a good seller for high ticket items
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    I just had the most surprisingly negative experience on ebay. I didn't buy a Treo but my story may give you a "heads up" when purchasing anything from there.
    There was a certain Diesel jacket I wanted to get & I found it on ebay from a couple of sellers. One was in UK (I'm in LA) & had ZERO feedback. The other was in New York & had 35 POSITIVE feedback-%100! So it's a no brainer which one I'd try and get. Well I bid and won on the guy in UK on impulse & the guy took 5 days to respond to my email so I wrote him off & went ahead & bid & won on the other "reputable" seller with 35 positive feedback. Well that seller was very cordial & professional after I won & she kept in close contact. The package even came early. Well lo & behold the package arrived &... IT WAS A FAKE!!! I was sent a FAKE Diesel jacket that was in very poor quality & NOT what was advertised. I was furious but kept my cool. Well I contacted the seller 4 times now in two weeks with no response. I am seeking a refund through my credit card company or ebay (paypal will not refund for items not reeceived as advertised!!). Oh & I checked her feedback right after I received the jacket & another guy posted that he too received a fake as well!! Moral of the story: I don't know how these crooks get so much positive feedback & but don't automatically asume they are legit. I learned the VERY hard way ($250 in the hole now). Oh & ironically the guy in UK was the legit one. He had the original jacket (he used to work for Diesel). But he sold it already cuz I said he was the crook & backed out of that transaction!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!
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    Ihave for the most part only bought items off of ebay from people who are close enough for me to just meet up with and pay them on the spot. Saves shipping and pay pal charges. I've never spent a whole hell of a lot of money on ebay so if I ended up buying a broken item or something I really wasn't out that much money. I ave been lucky and met really nice people so far.
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    Yes, ebay is as good as the feedback typically shows. I've sold all of my older PALM devices that I've purchased on e-bay, I have sold a IIIc, M515, VIIX, C, and Treo 600 on ebay. As an example, the Treo 600 I sold, the buyer received it, and took a picture of the Heisman award show that he attended, and he emailed it back to me, the seller. This buyer was very happy with purchasing what I sold, and apparently he feels that he received the right value for what he bought. E-bay feedback is the only tool available to decide on the credibility of any seller.

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    I purchased my Treo 650 from ebay. Now, I don't know how I got the deal I did. Typically if something seems to good to be true it usually is. Mine was a buy it now for 529 with a 25 shipping charge. Sounded pretty good to me since I was not eligable for a sprint rebate. (already a customer) After I sent the money I started sweating how he could seel it so much cheaper than every other seller on ebay and the internet without offering the rebate deal. Either he got one for a gift and was simply unloading it for extra cash, or (Gasp) it was stolen. Either way, I took it to Srint when I got it for them to unlock it. I told them how I got it, and they did a search. Nothing had been reported, so I was in the clear. I GOT LUCKY! Not all buyers on ebay can say that. I have purchased many things off of ebay and (knock on wood) no real problems yet.
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    I just bought my Treo 650 on eBay about 2 weeks ago.
    I made sure the seller was from my area, so after winning I met up with him to try it out in person, chek call logs, etc. Thus I didn't have to pay any shipping and he didn't have to pay PayPal fees. I got it for $530 (and no shipping). It is in mint condition and only had two calls on it. It's great.

    My only worry is that since I bought it on eBay rather than an authorized dealer (like Sprint or PalmOne) and since I am converting it to Verizon, will I have no access to a warantee or Lockline insurance? So I saved about $100 (counting tax, shipping, etc.) not buying it from the big guys, but am I screwed if I have any problems with it?
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    I have sold a lot on ebay, over 1300 feedbacks. All the comments in this thread about ebay are good, check out the seller, look at feedbacks, etc. That said I'm not sure I would buy a $4-600 phone through ebay.

    1) $5/mth Insurance. Important for me to have, and I understand if you don't want it. My provider, Verizon, said I would have to buy a phone through them to get the insurance. Is this correct or are they trying to make a sale themselves?

    2) Warranty. Not sure how this works on a used phone, unless you buy one out of the box unused and you still have the warranty card. And yes, we do need the warranty as the odds are you will have to replace a phone. I have a Samsung and it needed replacing.

    Bottom line is that I am the type who wants to make sure the phone is going to work right with the minimum hassle, and that usually means not buying through a 3rd party. Buying a phone over ebay can result in a good buy, however, there is more risk, IMO.
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    Mine was never activated when I bought it, and I do have insurance on it. I agree though. I don't know that I would pay that much for a used one that I could not have warenteed and or insured.
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    I purchased mine off of ebay for $300 last week. Fully boxed and in perfect order. I also buy all of the accessories from there. As long as the seller has a good history and uses paypal, i will always go with ebay. However the sellers make their money from the shipping so stay away from smaller priced items, you can usualy get those elsewhere for free shipping.
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    NOTE: I once bought a Treo600 from Ebay...Luckily arranged a Local Pick up...tried to (excited) connect it w/ Sprint and the ESN was Locked (For Fraud) it was from a Stolen Batch...I tried to even ask for a Manager (no Budge)...

    Called the "Seller" again, I acted like I was buying more, went to the person (w/ a Few BIG family Members along) and took them to get my money back!

    Short Story...Always ASK for an ESN and make sure (call Carrier CS) it's not A) in Fraud B) Locked due to "payment Due"...C) etc!

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