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    Hey, folks. I'm a HARDCORE Treo user. Gone to the 650, though I'm not convinced it's a wise move, since I love my 600. But, in the name of progress...

    I'm offering my Sprint Treo 600 (rev.C), with the following:

    AC charger
    Palm Cradle
    Travel charger
    Car charger
    leather case (the one Sprint was selling. Came highly recommended elsewhere on TreoCentral)
    e-Grips are already on it, but they're starting to wear. The package includes a new set, ready to apply.
    Palm headset
    Plantronics M-143 headset
    512 MB sd card
    an extra stylus
    Seidio music/phone headset adapter/selector (let's you listen to music, then switch to phone and use your own headphones to have a conversation. VERY cool)

    And if that's not enough, I'll send it pre-loaded with pretty much all the software you'll ever need. I'll go into detail on that one-to-one.

    $300 & shipping takes it all.
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    Where are you located? Im looking for a 600 but would like a local pick up.
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    Los Angeles. Feel free to e-mail me at adam at waldmandesign "dot" comm (I'm sure you can figure that one out).


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