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    I am selling 2 treo 600's (Sprint).
    was $240.00 ea. now $200.00 ea.+ Shipping

    I will listen to all reasonable offers!!

    am selling two treo 600Excellent condition. Used for 3 Months
    A/C Charger / sync cable
    Original software
    32 Meg SD Card
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    wife not happy that I bought two treo 650'S and am still holding on to two treo 600's. my loss your gain $200.00 each.
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    is either of the phones still available?
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    Sold the two treo 600's my company is converting to the 650's so i will have 4-6 600's.
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    I would like to buy one of the phones.
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    Let me know also if you have any T600's available. Thanks!

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    Let me know also,please.
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    Anyone here buy a phone from Marty? How long did it take to recieve or did anyone recieve phone at all? Going on week 2 here and still nothing. Marty wsup?
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    I sent Marty payment for two phones via paypal a week and a half ago and I have not been able to get any response from him. He responded very quickly to my emails as we were aranging payment. However after payment was made I have not received any response to emails that were sent to him. I filed a complaint via paypal. This may be a scam
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    I also filed complaint with paypal. This is so frustrating as I was avoiding ebay for the simple fact of it being a scam and now I see even Treocentral has its share of scammers.

    If paypal doesnt hear back from user by the 29th they will refund me my $$. They will also pursue going after seller.
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    i hate scammers -_- i also got scammed for 329 the other day on Ebay for a Treo 650 *sigh* too good to be true
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    how did you get scammed on ebay? please inform us so we are well aware in our near future. sorry to hear this. i've been scammed $80 bucks, but it wasn't near what you people lost.

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