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    I'm selling a Handspring Treo 600 Palm Smartphone, ready for use on the Sprint PCS service.

    The phone is in perfect working condition and comes with the following:

    - Treo 600 Palm Smartphone
    - AC power adapter
    - USB cable
    - Auto power cable
    - Hands-free microphone
    - Sync-N-Charge retractable USB/Power cable
    - Belt clip case from Sena Cases
    - Belt clip case from Bellagio Cases
    - Original box, instructions, installation CD-ROM

    - This phone has always had a screen protector (still does), so there aren't any scratches on the glass.

    I paid over $700 for all that you see. Will sell all for $299.

    This smartphone really sings when you purchase the $15/mo. PCS Vision service from Sprint. You'll then be able to send/receive E-mail, surf the web, and utilize other internet applications available for the Palm 5 OS.

    Please E-mail me at:
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    Lowering the price to $250

    E-mail me at:
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    $200 shipped
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    I sent you an e-mail regarding this, I hope you reply. I'm interested just send me an e-mail at with a picture of everything it comes with and I'll be happy. ^_^
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    The phone has been sold.

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