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    It depends, I guess--for business or general purpose use? If the recipient has a large contacts database and likes to run a lot of apps, I guess go with the 600.

    I know for my own needs, I asked for the 650 over the 600 and have no regrets. I went for the improved screen and the camera, and the new keyboard works well for me, too. I prefer the ergonomics of the 650 as well. I've not had any problems in day to day usage so far--knock wood. And I've been using my Treo 650 a lot since I got it--SMS's, e-wallet, reading e-books, calendar, snapping photos of my baby and sending them off to my husband. (I love the camera--it lets me get focused, low-light and natural light photos I can't get too well with my digital camera without having to jump through hoops messing with the digicam's settings. With the Treo 650 camera I just point and shoot and get a natural light photo with no fuss.

    As I said elsewhere on this forum, the 650 does the job of keeping me organized, entertained and in contact. Oh yeah and the phone works okay. Not great, but okay. It gets the job done. I think my husband's 600 was about the same that way. I prefer SMS anyway. I can get brief messages across with minimal intrusion into someone's busy day.
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    I can't imagine selecting the T600 over the T650.

    Give me a minute to put on my flame retardant suit - OKAY

    The memory issue with the T650 is way over-blown. It is a problem for those with massive databases (thousands of contacts) but there is not a single feature of the T600 that is better than the T650. Many of the reset loop and crash problems can be traced to UPGRADING from the T600 or prior PDA. Install fresh (I know, it's aheadache - just trust me) and it will work much better.

    Run, don't walk, away from the T600.
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    They're both great devices and will certainly meet most palm activities head on.

    The question you have to ask yourself is this: Do a hi-res screen, bluetooth and a better camera justify the additonal $300 for YOU or not?

    When I was buying my T650 at the Sprint store, I bumped into a doctor looking at Treos. He didn't want to carry multiple devices anymore. I asked him what he planned on doing with the device. The main thing he wanted was to carry his contacts, calendar and a drug interaction database. Either device will do this just fine. So naturally I tried to sell him my T600. ;> Didn't work...

    I had a great experience with my T600. I had it for over a year (got it the day the came out). For me, I have a lot of clients with whom I have IT service contracts. They tend to call me on the weekends and at night. Usually when I'm not near a PC. For me to be able to connect to their machines remotely via MobileTS is HUGE. The 320x320 screen definetly helps here.
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    The fact that this is even a question is pathetic...And it is a good question!

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