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    Thanks to JAVOedge, TreoBits is able to provide this exclusive offer to our members.

    JAVOedge is offering a 14% discount off the regular price of their 2.5mm JAVOeBuds Retractable Stereo Headphones and Treo 600 JAVOSync Retractable USB Sync Cable.

    • Perfect for MP3s, games, CD-players and all other audio devices
    • Great for users who frequently travel
    • Plug in any 2.5 mm headphone jack
    • Compact, handy and sturdy
    • The retractable design keeps the cords organize and convenient
    • Lightweight and comfortable for music on the move
    • Super compact and lightweight design - great for travel users
    • Sturdy design for convenient and easy transport or storing
    • Strong ultra-thin reinforced cable that is able to withstand heavy usage
    • Cable extends up to 35 inches in length

    The final prices are as follows:

    2.5mm JAVOeBuds:
    $18.95 14% = $16.30

    Treo 600 JAVOSync (black or silver):
    $14.95 14% = $12.89

    Domestic USA shipping:
    Usually $5.75, offer price $2.95

    International shipping:
    Usually $10.00, offer price $9.00

    All prices are in USD.

    Max quantity for one order can be 2 but it can be a mix and match of the JAVOeBuds or the JAVOSync cable.

    For the discount to be honored, we must have at least 15 members signup for this groupbuy. You will only be contacted if that number of signups is met.

    This groupbuy will run until December 11, 2004, so that items can be received in time for Christmas.

    Go here to signup for this groupbuy.
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    Still looking for people to signup. The 2.5mm JAVOeBuds are a unique product from JAVOedge for an excellent price. If you can't stand using the stereo headphone adapter, then definitely get the 2.5mm JAVOeBuds.
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    Only a few more spots left. Hurry before it's over.
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    Almost over, get in if you're interested.
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    One more signup and the groupbuy is a done deal. So, if you're interested in either 2.5mm JAVOeBuds and/or JAVOSync cable, then please signup.

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